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The luxury five star hotel DRUSTAR is situated on the coast of river Danube located in the beautiful historical town of Silistra, in the beautiful city park, close to all financial institutions and cultural sites. The city Silistra is 120 km from Bucharest and 150 km to Varna, which makes the location a convenient top spot. Durostorum, Drustar, Silistra - these are names of the same town which survived in the 19th century. At the place where the waters of the ever living Danube river have been washing the stronghold ruins of this town as a worthy successor of the Bulgarian building genius, a five star hotel complex proudly rises which is known under the name Drustar.
The guest can enjoy the magnificent view over the river while enjoing the carefully selected menu in the restaurant. With the rich tradition of genuine hospitality, your every need is catered to beyond your expectation.
The Hotel has a marvelous interior design with a very artistic touh. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed and the ambiances the uniqueness of the local culture.


Hotel Drustar is part of Luxury and Boutique Hotels and the hotel is awarded with the Gold Authentic Bulgaria Quality mark and a Rose of Distinction in Ambience.

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Nearby Attractions
Check the attractions of city
Attractions in Silistra
  • Art Gallery
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Durostorum – Drastar Fortress
  • Medjidi Tabia Fortress
  • Roman Tomb
  • Church St. Appostles Peter and Paul
  • Srebarna Biosphere Reserve
  • Rock Monasteries near Strelkovo
  • Ethnographic House Alfatar
  • Church St. Troiza Alfatar
  • Airplane air tour
    You'll experience a sightseeing tour by airplane over the dry River landmark and over canyons and rock monasteries situated close to Silistra. The planes we are flying are Cessna and An-2. The Cessna is single-engine, four-seat plane with which you can feel the pleasure of flying.

    Capacity – 3 persons
    Duration – 15 min
    Yacht cruising along the river Danube
    Capacity - 6 people
    Cruise duration - 30 min
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